Looking for a new or refurbished industrial part ?

We Supply of all kinds of Low and Medium Voltage Automation and Industrial control spare parts.

More than 20,000 references in our stock of new-current pieces, new discontinued and reconditioned tested.

  • We sell to more than 100 countries.
  • More than 250 employees, 90 of them in the technical and repair department.
  • 30,000 M2 at your service.
  • We work with the best brands in the market.
  • New or obsolete parts.
  • International shipments to any country.

Premium-quality service for industrial electronics


We provide premium-quality service for both current and older industrial electronics, quickly and for lowest cost possible. We do this by investing in our staff constantly, developing new testing systems, and maintaining our knowledge of older technologies. We have a wide range of brands and products used in a variety of industries and we deliver to thousands of customers around the world. This means that your production can be up and running in no time. That means there are no unnecessary investments, production standstills or loss of capital gains.