Siemens HMI Panels

Siemens has announced that a big family of hmi panels will be discountinued, this does not have to be an issue for you. at PLC-Industrial we can provide all these hmi panels directly from our stock.

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6AV6640-0BA11-0AX0, 6AV6640-0CA11-0AX1, 6AV6641-0AA11-0AX0, 6AV6641-0BA11-0AX1, 6AV6641-0CA01-0AX1, 6AV6642-0AA11-0AX1, 6AV6642-0BA01-1AX1, 6AV6642-0BC01-1AX1, 6AV6642-0BD01-3AX0, 6AV6642-0DA01-1AX1, 6AV6642-0DC01-1AX1, 6AV6642-0EA01-3AX0, 6AV6643-0AA01-1AX0, 6AV6643-0BA01-1AX0, 6AV6643-0CB01-1AX1, 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1, 6AV6643-0DB01-1AX1, 6AV6643-0DD01-1AX1, 6AV6644-0AA01-2AX0, 6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0, 6AV6644-0AC01-2AX1, 6AV6644-0BA01-2AX1, 6AV6644-2AB01-2AX0

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