Looking for Siemens Drive system?

Does your drive have a defect or need maintenance? Drives are the “muscle” behind the operation and are often subject to intensive use. A defect related to a connected motor can also cause problems. Drives are sensitive to wear and additionally susceptible to defects. We can help you repair or refurbish your drive, but we also have a wide range of drives in our inventory.

Siemens drives

Experience and quality

Even those up to 500 kW. We are no strangers to the various types of drives available either, such as AC or DC, vector, motion, frequency inverter, Servo or CNC drives.

As an expert for electric drive systems, From engineering and implementation to proactive maintenance and repair. This according to the high quality and safety requirements of Siemens.

The technical competences and extensive knowledge through years of experience with drive systems, makes PLC industrial your point of contact for turn-key solutions.

Drives in stock

Looking for a drive? We have a large selection of drives in stock. Search our stock for the right drive.